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Design Entrepreneurship Institute (DEN) provides expertise in sociology, ethics and policy. DEN will contribute sociological analysis of the acceptance of the concepts of enhanced regenerative medicine; design the policy framework based on the technological advancement of the project; investigate new approaches to regulation and policy recommendations.

DEN institute

DEN is a no-profit Belgian think tank aimed at studying and offering consultancy services on how design and technology can be used to support entrepreneurship and social impact. DEN offers consultancy services to industry, government bodies, NGOs, research institutions and all those organizations interested in boosting their entrepreneurial and innovation potential. It also develops its own research agenda on how design can support entrepreneurial processes, organizing conferences and seminars and producing publications such as peer-reviewed articles, books or white papers.

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This is the DEN team of the project, click on the name to expand the bio:

Andrea Nicolai | International Project Manager

My expertise and research activities span several domains (tourism, media, local development, SMEs) and technologies (distributed architectures, multimedia content delivery, web-based education). I have extensive experience in project management and coordination, dealing with research and innovation in ICT in the areas of tourism, cultural and media industries sectors, and SME innovation paths.

Simona de Rosa | Senior Researcher

I hold a MSc in Political Science and a PhD in Economic Geography. During university years, I collaborated with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with the Italian Delegation at the OECD improving my knowledge about International Relations and Diplomacy and policy processes. During my PhD I have worked mainly on Network of Firms and forms of Proximity among SMEs with specific focus on Innovation.
My research interests are related to Migration processes and Urban Development. At DEN, I am currently working on impact assessment and policy analysis and on structuring of the policy dialogue.

Antonella Passani | Senior Researcher

I am a sociologist with a background in cultural anthropology. At DEN and I coordinate the Society, Innovation and Social Capital research unit. I have an extensive experience in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies applied to policy recommendations within interdisciplinary research project. I currently pursue both theoretical and field research about the impact of ICT on social capital, collaboration, democratic participation and economic growth. I spent 5 year at the Censis Foundation, one of the leading socio-economic research institutes in Italy and act as consultant for national and international research organization. I am also research officer at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and one of the founders of RappresentAzione, a not-for-profit organization which uses expressive means, such as writing and visual representations, in social integration and empowerment processes.

Ilaria Lener | Project and Financial Manager

Graduated in Law, I am an experienced Project and Financial Manager of international actions, with a specific focus on European Funding Programs (i.e.: H2020, Research Framework Programs, Human Rights and Citizenship, Call for Tenders).I have a long experience in the management of complex research projects, coordinating large working groups, and being involved in all different stages of a project’s development: proposal writing, negotiation phase, development and implementation of internal and external quality control instruments, preparation of budgets and financial assessment. I am also experienced in the organization of events and coordination of dissemination campaigns.