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Eurokleis contribute to the activities that will increase the visibility of HERMES, including communication with the public and the media. Eurokleis will also help coordinate the external Advisory Board with emphasis on the innovation and exploitation of the project’s results.


Eurokleis is a SME born in 2000 with the aim of transforming the research experience of its founders into specialized strategic consultancy and research studies with the focus on the use and the deployment of New Disruptive Technologies. Eurokleis has developed its knowledge across several technological domains.
This is a key element of success of Eurokleis research, which give a high value to the communication of research results, and for the transfer of technology to the market. Eurokleis main focus is on the economic, financial and organizational evolution of technology. The core business of EUROKLEIS is research, development and deployment of highly specialized qualitative & quantitative models able to solve strategic sustainability problems.

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This is the EK team of the project, click on the name to expand the bio:

Francesco Bellini | Senior partner - Innovation & Finance

I trained as an economist (Degree in Economics, Mas in Economics and Management of Technological Change, PhD in Innovation Management) and I am professor of Finance at the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, Technology Management professor and research fellow at the Department of Management of University of Rome Sapienza. I am responsible of the Research & Innovation Lab in EUROKLEIS and scientific consultant for a number of private and public bodies. I worked in more than 30 EU-funded projects, coordinating 4 of them. I have an extensive experience in project management and coordination, business and financial modeling of innovation and impact assessment and maximization.

Iana Dulskaia | Researcher

I hold a degree in Service Science and a PhD in Management, Banking and Commodity Science obtained from University Sapienza of Rome, where I am also research assistant at the Department of Management. I have an extensive experience in socio-economic impact evaluation and maximization as well as business models and technology transfer.

Luca Satolli | Senior partner - Technology

I trained as information scientist and I am an IT specialist. I have worked as developer for several companies and customers as well as within EU projects, to meet the demands of high levels of complexity in many IT application domains.

Silvia Sciubba | Social Media Manager

I gained an extensive experience in the Corporate Communication/PR/Marketing in Italy and abroad (Europe, China). I hold a Master in Digital Communication and Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature (German,English). Over 10-years in the Business Development and Corporate Communication (Italy – China Automotive and Transport sector, Logistics and Customs, Made in Italy Interiors Design), I worked as Freelance Marketing specialist and Social Media Manager for Startup and SME developing excellent communication skills, digital marketing and selling techniques.

Past members:

Diana Martinescu | Junior Consultant

I hold a degree in Economics and Communication for Management and Innovation with honor and I am currently following a Master in European Project Management at the Sapienza University of Rome.
In the field of technology, digitalization and business models am always looking for ambitious challenges and original projects that will test my skills.