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40° Congresso Nazionale della Società Italiana di Farmacologia (SIF)

The 40th National Congress of the Italian Society of Pharmacology (SIF) took place digitally on March 9-13, 2021..

Our consortium partner Università di Verona (UNIVR) – Dept. of Diagnostics and Public Health – in the person of the PI Ilaria Decimo presented data relating to organoids developed for HERMES project.

UNIVR participates in HERMES with the Department of Diagnostics and Public Health, whose mission is to contribute to the development and improvement of preventive medicine and treatment in the hospital environment and the community. The Section of Pharmacology is a well-established unit in the Department and its research programs span target drug discovery, behavioral neuroscience and neural stem cell research.

For chronic-degenerative, oncological, immunological, cardiovascular-dysmetabolic and infectious diseases, innovative drugs are being developed that can respond to the needs of patients and that have helped to cure diseases for which, until a few years ago, there were no therapeutic prospects. The world of drugs is, therefore, changing rapidly and the Pharmacologist must be updated in real time in terms of training, appropriateness and preclinical, translational and clinical research.

In the annual Congress, highly topical issues were addressed with the aim of implementing a multidisciplinary dialogue through joint symposia with the specific clinical societies of the various therapeutic areas, also stimulating the participation of specialist doctors.

They discussed with various stakeholders in the drug development chain about "The scientific value and appropriate use of the drug", t. Basic and clinical pharmacologists must be the main actors (SIF-First) who will have to promote post-congress activities and initiatives with other public and private research experts, with regulators and politicians, with citizen-patient associations and with pharmaceutical companies with constructive comparison methods.

40° Congresso Nazionale della Società Italiana di Farmacologia (SIF)