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71st SIF National Congress

The Italian Society of Physiology

The goal of the 71st SIF National Congress, jointly organized by physiologists from the University of Milano (UNIMI), the University of Milano-Bicocca (UNIMIB) and the University Vita-Salute San Raffaele (UNISR), is to encourage a multidisciplinary approach with topics spanning from molecules to the whole organism. Indeed, the true value of our Discipline is the ability to integrate various experimental results into a comprehensive and unitary understanding of life mechanisms; should we miss this unitary vision we would not be Physiologists. This Virtual Congress last 3 full afternoons and two mornings: main lectures, symposia, oral presentations, and poster sessions organized so as to guarantee full interaction between the audience, moderators, and speakers.

More information: 71st SIF- The Italian Society of Physiology

On Thursday 9th Sept 2021 our consortium partner Unimore Centro di Ricerca - Interdepartmental Center for Neuroscience and Neurotechnology Lab team  Giulia CURIA and  Stefania Bartoletti presented two posters acknowledging HERMES project's investigation at the 71st National Congress of The Italian Society of Physiology.

Two virtual rooms hosted the meetings:

The PI Giulia CURIA introduced “Long-term behavioral and histological profile following CA3 ventral lesion" with contributions by  Elisa Ren, Stefania Bartoletti, Antonietta Vilella,  Federica Raimondi,  Michele Zoli,  Giulia Curia.

Stefania Bartoletti presented “Brain repair in temporal lobe epilepsy: an in vivo investigation" by Stefania Bartoletti, Elisa Ren,  Giulia Della Rosa, Alessandra Campanelli, Federica Raimondi, Giuseppina Leo,  Sissi Dolci,  Ilaria Decimo,  Gemma Palazzolo,  Giulia CURIA