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Gabriella Panuccio: HERMES Coordinator

The article starts with an introduction to the Enhanced Regenerative Medicine research activity and its task within the European FET awarded project called HERMES.

The interviewer Camilla Della Bona is posing a selection of questions to Gabriella Panuccio

We get to know her not only as Principal Investigator, but as a person too: in the article we read about Gabriella’s academic studies, job and international career, her comments and some suggestions concerning the research activity in general.

We discover a profession that inevitably ends up being much more than just a job, every day reserving new challenges for the researchers performing this role.

“Science, and particularly the research I conduct now, is the only profession that can give me the perfect balance between creativity and rationality, that is useful to others and allows me to merge all my passions for neuroscience, math, engineering, computer science, and, not least important, medicine.”

Gabriella Panuccio interview