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INTEL Neuromorphic Research Community

The Intel Neuromorphic Research Community (Intel NRC) is an ecosystem of academic groups, government labs, research institutions, and companies around the world working with Intel to further neuromorphic computing and develop innovative AI applications.

The Intel Neuromorphic Research Community is a global network of more than 75 research groups who are committed to delivering on the promise of neuromorphic computing to make the technology a commercial reality. Intel NRC focuses on the acceleration of the research, enabling commercial applications, open benchmarking.

During this even Prof. Farshad Moradi from Aarhus University presented his lab activities of two projects HERMES and STARDUST. In HERMES project Aarhus research group is developing a fully implantable neuromorphic computing chip for recording, processing EEG signal to predict seizure and providing stimulation signal to eliminate seizure and possibility of healing epileptic brain.