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Science is Ready

Our project coordinator Gabriella Panuccio - Principal Investigator responsible for the Enhanced Regenerative Medicine research line at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia - was invited as a guest speaker for the inaugural talk of “Science is Ready”, a monthly appointment for having lunch by listening to stories of science and technology funded by the European Commission. Each event consists in 30-minute online conversation with the researchers who coordinate the various projects.

The first meeting under the title “Neuroscience of the future” was hold on Thursday 17th February 2022. Together with Gabriella Panuccio were other two PIs: Ferruccio Pisanello, coordinator of the NanoBright project, and Massimo De Vittorio, coordinator of the DEEPER project. The discussion was about the tools and technologies that allow us to understand the working mechanisms of the brain in ever greater detail, helping us to intervene in a targeted and effective manner when something goes wrong.

Healing brain damage once and for all" - our project coordinator Gabriella Panuccio presented HERMES visionary challenge and mission !

"Science is ready!” has a dual goal: on one hand, highlighting the importance of European investments for the advancement of scientific and technical knowledge and the creation of innovation, with an impact on different aspects of our life and society; on the other hand, showing the multidisciplinary nature that characterizes most of today’s scientific projects, being a key element to address a research subject from different points of view.

The event was broadcast live via the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia LinkedIn Page