Understanding the brain to uncover the mind

HERMES consortium members celebrated the World Mental Health Day with the young students of Institut Saint-Dominique in Rome.

Are the mind and the brain two distinct entities?

Whats the difference between mental and neurological disease?

What is the brain and how does it work?

Can we repair a damaged brain?

These are some examples of the questions that emerged during the educational workshop under the title “Understanding the brain to uncover the mind” with the young students of the Institut Saint Dominique de Rome on 10th Oct 2022. The event was organised in occasion of the World Mental Health Day.

Students from the third year of middle school and the one from first year of high school actively participated in the workshop to learn about the importance of mental health starting from the brain, which coordinates all vital activities. An interactive educational playing session with handmade gadgets followed after the introduction to the anatomy of the brain and its functions by  Dr. Gemma Palazzolo as guest speaker from HERMES project. It was a journey to spark an interest in the science of the brain and its connection to human emotion, mental health and well-being.

The event was organized in collaboration with our HERMES consortium members Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia - Enhanced Regenerative Medicine Lab - researcher Dr. Gemma Palazzolo, and Eurokleis Srl responsible for communication and dissemination initiatives.

Our thanks goes to Mr. Bernard Lociciro as the School Principal, and Dr. ISABELLA FIUME, School Psychologist promoting the educational initiative within the inclusive program calendar, and everyone involved to help to make the workshop a success.

The mission in which the researchers of the HERMES project are engaged in the development of innovative systems to make possible the regeneration of the brain. One of the   is to engage and raise awareness in the non-scientific community towards the fundamental role of science to improve brain health and therefore the quality of life, through advanced technologies of regenerative medicine. HERMES promotes initiatives such as this workshop through the partner that deals with communication and exploitation of results: Eurokleis Srl