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UNIMORE provides expertise in vivo electrophysiology (video-EEG recording) and behavioral and cognitive assessment. They also support in vitro studies with biocompatibility assessment of implantable microelectronics and in vitro electrophysiology.

Giulia Curia is principal investigator at the Laboratory of Electroencephalography and Experimental Neurophysiology and in the interview she explains what they do:

“we deal, among other things, with collecting electroencephalographic signals from different regions of the temporal lobe to "educate" the biohybrid constructs to be able to integrate by restoring the altered nervous circuits in the epileptic brain and to verify healing after the intervention of the biohybrid construct.

The challenge in HERMES project is very high. The results obtained will not only be promising for the treatment of TLE, but the hope is that they can pave the way for the treatment of other pathologies characterized by brain damage.”

Symbols magazine is available online (page 32)